While a building project may seem overwhelming in size and scope, especially if it is your first, The Dotson Company has spent their careers solving these problems. Our team will work with you through the entire project and help you with the many decisions you will have to make.
If your strategic planning indicates the need for space in the future and you would like assistance with projecting a budget or evaluating a land purchase, as a Design/Build professional The Dotson Company can be a big help to you. Even if your project is in the distant future, we will assist you with a design and budget for a reasonable fee.

Undertaking a building project is not a simple thing to do. An Owner generally should contact a Design/Build professional when the need for building space is creating pressure for action and the funding is a real possibility.
Construction using a building systems approach has gained acceptance as the preferred method for all types of low-rise, non-residential construction. Today, in the United States, the metal building industry accounts for over 65% of all construction in this category using the systems approach. The results are high quality, attractive buildings with higher reliability, flexibility, and lower life cycle costs than conventional types of construction.

The building systems industry has gained its leadership position by constantly researching and developing technology to meet modern construction demands. The industry developed structural systems designed to be compatible with ordinary construction materials such as masonry, glass and wood. 

First impressions are very important in a competitive commercial environment Function oriented building methods allow you to capitalize on aesthetic appeal and maximize usable interior space while staying within a budget.  Faster occupancy of the structure means quicker return on your investment. Low maintenance requirements and energy efficient insulating systems mean lower facility costs.

Systems design flexibility allows you to optimize your investment by providing maximum usable space at a minimum square foot cost. And, as you grow, because of its expandability, a systems building can grow with you and your business.

Systems buildings easily incorporate into a design crane and material handling systems, mezzanines, compartmentalized storage areas, loading docks, etc.

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